I needed to set up a new phone system and internet for my new office. SJO Consulting was right there to meet all my needs. They were fast, courteous, and friendly during the initial consult. Throughout the process, they were always looking at ways I could be saving money! What other business does that? The team at SJO Consulting are second to none and I highly recommend them for your needs.

The company I worked for was having MAJOR issues with their internet provider. I called Michael at SJO Consulting, told him about the issues and he came to meet with our IT team the same day. His professionalism and knowledge about the industry was amazing. While that company was not able to get out of their contract and use SJO, they still HUGELY benefited from the consultation with Michael and used the deal he was able to offer them to negotiate on the current contract with the sub-par company they were bound to- plus- even though Michael knew he wasn’t going to make a dime, he still answered the phone and chatted with us when we had questions. Because of that experience, I have recommended that Michael & SJO Consulting handle all of the communication needs for my husband’s business and will wholeheartedly recommend him to anyone I can! So glad we found someone in the communications business we can trust!! - Stephanie A., Camarillo, CA

My company’s phone system needed to be upgraded due to our growth and our TelePacific contract was up for renewal. I called Michael at SJO Consulting for a second opinion and he reviewed our phone vendor’s recommendation and the TelePacific renewal contract. With Michael’s help we uncovered a number of issues and were able to save money and obtain a better solution. Thanks Michael!! - Barry C., Canoga Park, CA

Michael is just plain awesome… He really cared about the BEST solution for my business. I am very small, but he was patient and understanding about my limitations. It’s very difficult for me to turn over my business lifeblood (my phone and internet) to someone and hope it comes out good. With Michael, it came out great!  - Denice, G., Granada Hills, CA

If your business depends on phones and internet, there is no better solution than using Michael Merritt and his company SJO Consulting. Michael has all the providers at his fingertips. He will do the shopping for you. Having been in the industry for years, he knows the ups and downs of each provider, and will be able to analyze your particular situation and use the provider most suitable for your business. Michael is not selling, he provides service and educates. If you are moving offices, starting a business, or simply fed up with your current provider, call him!  - Serafina S., Calabasas, CA

Michael is without question, one of the leading experts in his field. A COMPLETE solution provider, he researches every step of the process and return with complete solid detailed answers. Whether your telecom need as a hotline to the home across the street, or the need to maintain constant uninterrupted data and voice communications with your overseas vendors, Michael Merritt and SJO Consulting will think ahead of you and provide THE ideal solution!  - Jed B., Calabasas, CA