Get the competitive edge your business needs - while maximizing your services and reducing costs - with our full-service networking solutions.

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Do you have a solid voice and data network in place that enables you to handle customer and vendor communications at a competitive price?

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IT Solutions

Whatever your needs, from design to support and maintenance, SJO Consulting offers full-service IT solutions.

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Industry leading hardware vendors are at our disposal, allowing us to provide premium hardware while being cost effective. Click here to see how we can help.

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Our Standards

We can give you much more then other companies do because our services are aimed at satisfying our customer's needs.

How Much Can Your Company Immediately Reduce Telecommunication Costs, All While Streaming Your Services, Improving Productivity, And Increasing Profits?

Most business are currently grossly overpaying for their telecommunications services. And it's easy to understand why. As your company grows, technologies change, your business goals expand, and several businesses find they're overwhelmed with hardware and service options and need cost-effective solutions to minimize telecom expenses while increasing both productivity and profits.

SJO Consulting is a full-service consulting firm that specializes in providing solutions designed specifically for your business needs, with the goal of improving efficiency, streaming systems, and cutting costs.

How much money can your company save on telecommunication services? Click here for a free Telecom Analysis. Or click here to learn more about SJO Consulting.

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